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You have a business and you want to expand your presence or offer mobile services to your clients. A custom app is a great way to accomplish both of those goals. Customers always have their phones on them, so your services can be just a few taps away. This easy accessibility increases customer awareness of your brand and improves customer satisfaction, leading to better retention and the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising.

Or, you might have a great idea for an app, just not the technical know-how to bring it to life.

Either way, Corollary Computing is the best choice for developing your custom app. Here's why.

Experience - We know how to make apps that work. Each of our apps provides a functional benefit to our users. And since we've had so much experience making apps, we have developed tools and tricks that help us rip through the app development process. The result is that you get a better end product quicker.

Quality - All of our apps are highly rated by our users... and our users are likely the same users who will be using your app. This outstanding recommendation from our thousands of users is the best proof we can give you that we know what we're doing. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Google itself recently recognized us as one of the top Android Market developers.

Flexibility - Other companies make you choose between an iPhone app and an Android app. That's a tough choice. But at Corollary Computing, we have a development team that can develop for both platforms. Why choose one when you can have both?

Ease - With us, you don't need to know a thing about apps. We listen to your goals and design an app that meets your needs while keeping in mind the end users. We involve you in every step of the design process, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. Of course, if you already have a pretty specific plan for your app, we can work with that, too.

So if all this has convinced you, email us and let's talk. Any information you send us is treated as confidential and proprietary.

A note on pricing: Each app is different, so we can't give a blanket quote for app development. Talk to us and we'll work out a price you're satisfied with.

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