Suppose you want to send a text message to a bunch of your friends. Maybe you want to find out who's free to see a movie, or maybe you just want to say hi. You could type and send a unique text to each of your friends individually, or you could make a really generic and impersonal text and send it to all your friends at once.

Mass Text Personalizer gives you a better option. It lets you personalize your mass text to each recipient without the hassle of typing each message individually.

Name replacement - When you type %name in your text message, each recipient will see his/her own name. %fname is replaced by each recipient's first name. So when you send "Hi %fname!", Adam will get "Hi Adam!" and Bob will get "Hi Bob!"

Group contacts - People move in groups. Maybe you have a group of friends that you see movies with. Rather than selecting each of them every time you want to text them, you can save them into a group. Then, all you have to do is select the group and your message will be personalized for each member of that group! This works great in a business setting as well.

Save common messages - There are a few things you say pretty often. Maybe one of them is, "Sorry, I'm gonna be about __ minutes late!" Instead of having to type that message every time you need to send it, you can save it as a template. The next time you need to send that message, you just select your recipients, pick the template, and fill in how late you're running. Easy as that!

Unlimited personalization - Word lists give you access to unlimited personalization. Instead of just personalizing the recipients' name, you can randomize words within the message for more unique text messages. For example, instead of saying "Hi" to everyone, you could make a word list of greetings such as Hi, Hello, Hey, etc. Then, different people would receive different words from your word list. Keep in mind that the word list entries don't have to be just one word; they can be as long as you'd like! In fact, if you make a word list with just one entry, it can serve as a shortcut that reduces your typing, a bit like a template (except that you can insert more than one word list in a message).

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