If you need to communicate sensitive information to employees in the field, phone calls may not be your best bet. With a phone call, somebody can eavesdrop (in person or through a bug in the room) on either end of the line.

Text messaging can be the right approach. But your sensitive information is still at risk if an outsider picks up either one of your phones; not everyone remembers to delete messages, and depending on your message, they might need to view it later. Also, text messages can now be snooped on very easily: see this article.

Our secure text app removes those problems. It encrypts the text message right on your phone, before sending it out over your network. Only people with the right password will be able to decrypt the sensitive message.

Security - Rest easy knowing that our app was verified secure by a UC Berkeley computer scientist.

Ease of use - Our built-in password manager can save the passwords you use with other people. You enter your master password and it handles the rest. Conversation mode lets you reply without re-entering your password every time.

Flexibility - Not all of your messages need encryption. You can use your usual messaging app for those messages, and only use secure text for sensitive messages.

Affordability - Even 99 cents can be expensive when you have a lot of phones you want to put secure text on. Email us for bulk pricing.

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