It's happened to all of us. You park your car on the street, feed the meter, and go about your business... except that your business takes longer than you expected, and you either forget to buy more parking time or can't run out to the car right away. And with the city budget in bad shape, you are now the proud owner of a $50 parking ticket.

Or maybe you park in a big lot; think shopping mall, amusement park, movie theater. After all the excitement of your activities, it's kind of hard to remember where you parked. Was it B6 or B8? Everything looks the same... It's gotta be here SOMEwhere... Man, this is embarrassing.

Forget about all that. Next time, don't just park... smartpark!

Meter expiration reminders - You got parking for an hour? Nice! It'll take you 10 minutes to get back to your car? Cool, let smartpark remind you when you need to head back. You just tell it how long you got parking for and how soon you want to be reminded. Parking tickets are a thing of the past for you.

Homescreen widget - Put the smartpark widget on your homescreen. It shows you how much time you have left on the meter, without even opening up the app. Can't get easier than that.

Map - See where your car is on the map! The map shows where you are and where your car is parked. It even has a compass to help guide you: the car is at North, so turn until the needle points North and walk in that direction!

Level - The map is cool and all, but it can't tell you what level in the parking structure you parked on. That's why we've added an altitude display. If your altitude reads 32.0m and the car's altitude reads 41, you know you're on the next level up. And if all else fails, you can just put in the section/level information (like, "B6") when you're saving your location.

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